It’s Training Again…

Yes, I’m back at my favourite second favourite (or maybe third, but who’s counting?) midlands hotel, for the third load of training to our new employees.

It’s a nice enough hotel, and the food is excellent – tonight’s onion gravy (which came with the beef and stilton pie and mash) was the nicest I’ve had in ages. The starter-and-main were so good I didn’t have pudding! The nearest railway station is Rugby, which is satisfylingly easy to get to from the Nation’s Capital – the only downside is the half hour in a taxi from Rugby to the hotel, especially with Talkative Taxi Driverô. I got him tonight – and he spent the whole thirty minute high-speed trip telling me how he’s fasting at the moment because it’s Ramadan, and how, by this time of day, he starts to feel a bit faint. And he was nice enough to give me his number so I can book him for the return trip tomorrow!

Still, death-defying taxi rides aside, I’m in the hotel, in a room bigger than some houses I’ve seen. I’m going to stretch out for a nap on the olympic-sized bed, and watch 52 channels of nothing on the widescreen. And then tomorrow I’ll teach them all about Health and Safety, and go home.

Oh, and well done to Stu, who got yesterday’s question about the dinosaur on the bike right.

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