I did a half day course yesterday. As a result, I’m requalified as a defibrillator operator!

The ones we’re trained on aren’t as dramatic as the ones you see on “ER” – it’s a little blue box with two sticky pads that you stick to the patient’s chest, it auto-analyses them and will only let you give them a shock if they would benefit from it. There’s no chance of accidentally making the situation worse – if they’re in a state of health where the machine will let you shock, its already as bad as it can get.

As our instructor said, the only way you can hurt someone with one of these is to hit them over the head with it.

There are a few things to look out for – heavy necklaces need to be moved out of the way, and nipple piercings may need to be cut off, if they’re too big. But the best thing we were told to watch out for is medical patches – nicotine patches, slow release drugs etc. Apprently under the right circumstances, if you shock someone wearing one of these, they can explode!

Wanna try out my skillz, now…

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