I’ve been having a few technology problems today.

Just before lunch I was chatting in the worlds fabbest chatroom: I asked a question of hizonner SimonG, and everything went blank: Not only could I not get back into the chatroom, I couldn’t do anything else either. My PDA refused to play as well, not taking files from the PC or anything.

Anyway, I finally regained access and Miss Sixty kindly explained what the problem was: Apparently, the whole of the internet hates me. From the tiniest connected peripheral to the largest server deep within the bowels of the Pentagon, every single electron has dedicated itself to making my life difficult. I’d just like to thank Miss for explaining that to me.

So, I’m now wearing a helmet made of tin foil, to protect me from the spy-rays from Venus, and I’ve moved my whole intermaweb connection gear into the cellar – harder than you think, as I had to dig the cellar first. But you can’t be too careful can you?

Probably no blog tomorrow, I’ve got a really long day so I’ll be too knackered I suspect: See you all Monday!

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