I’m back! And what an excellent New Wine it was. The team were all lovely to work with, we had some high times and some triumphs of teamwork. There were a few sad times as well – including a New Wine “first” that we could have done without – but overall it was a brilliant event.

You’ve seen the pictures of the caravan encampment already, so here’s a couple of the inside of the caravan: Firstly one that I took to prove to the lovely Purple Fred that I kept it tidy…


And one of me doing what I did best…or at least most of…accident analysis and admin


We had a couple of team barbecues as well…here’s one of them


And I even had time for a fabby day out at Longleat – just down the road from New Wine – with m’darling Purple Fred and MiniFred. Here’s a pic of one of the lions, taken by MiniFred. The slight blur is my fault – you’re not allowed to open the car windows in the lion enclosure – and Grunty’s windows could do with a wash.


Back to work tomorrow: I MUST find time sometime this week to finish the New Wine accident analyses and to sort out my expenses claim. And then I can start thinking about next year!

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