It’s been pretty busy here chums.

We’ve been saving lives like mad, treating ill people, and still finding time to have fun and get to the morning and evening celebrations (well, most of us have!). And – for those who’ve read Sybil’s most recent blog – we had communion this morning, complete with wine.

I’ve even found time for five more caches, taking my New Wine total so far to seven:
As Keen As Mustard
The Shortest Day…
Dinder View
Haydon Drove No. 2
Haydon Drove No. 1

The last two of these both offer fine views of this mighty aerial:


Many years ago, I knew someone whose 14th birthday treat was a trip to be photographed next to that mast…

UPDATE: Another cache this afternoon:
Church Micro 301 – Prestleigh and New Wine

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