So, I travelled to New Wine, getting soundly nagged by the satnav on the way. The A303? On the first full day of the school holidays? Don’t think so! Anyway, I arrived, and set up the caravan


Then I helped set up the medical centre, saved some lives, and had some fun with my friends on the team.

Today I put up the awning on the caravan – I don’t really need the space but it’s good to have somewhere outside the living area to leave dirty shoes and hang wet waterproofs – it always rains at New Wine! As you can see, between taking that picture up there, and rigging the awning, the site around me has filled up a bit…



The process of putting the awning up was slowed considerably by the weather – I was fighting a gale force wind most of the time and couldn’t really decide if I was pitching an awning or flying a kite. It also didn’t help that this was the awning’s first outing so it was all new to me, and of course I had to go and look for a caravan shop to get the bits that Towsure had forgotten to include – four rather important clips.

And now it’s raining (again), and I’m snug and warm inside my caravan. Nighty night!

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