We had some excitement on the train home the other night.

We arrived in Southampton a couple of minutes late, and the first thing we spotted was a policeman (and a proper one at that, not a plastic policeman), running along the platform. We all piled off the train, to be met by a couple of stolid SouthWest Trains employees preventing access to the footbridge “on police orders”.

Luckily you can leave Southampton station on the platform 4 side and use a different footbridge, which we all did – noticing on the way that
A) they weren’t letting anyone onto the station, and
B) there was a single lonely police car parked outside.

The platform one side car park was a bit livelier though – to the tune of –
– two police dog units (spaniels, so search dogs rather than arrest dogs)
– two armed response units
– six other police cars
– a police van.

As the longer walk round had made me just miss the bus, I had fifteen minutes to watch the action, although there wasn’t much going on – by then whatever it was, was over, and they were all packing up to go home.

Needless to say, the local paper has been silent on the issue, so we’ll probably never find out what was going on. Shame really.

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