Common Sense

The following “Guide to Common Sense” was posted by the excellent Ron Hunter on the Health and Safety discussion website…

a.Beware the natural environment, the open spaces, the trees, the rocks, the water-courses and the shoreline – all these present hazards to the unwary, above, below and all around you. The natural environment was there first, and it wasn’t designed exclusively for us. It will remain long after we are all gone, and has great capacity to hurt you.

b.The beasts of the field have teeth and claws and sucking mouth parts and can cause you great harm.

c.Teeny tiny things that you can’t even see can also do you great harm, and they were also here first.

d.Watch out for the weather- the heat, the strong sunlight, the cold, the damaging wind, persistent rain, the icy conditions underfoot – all can do you harm, so take care!

e.Learning to swim is generally a very good thing.

f.Gravity is (for most of us) a constant. On the plus side, it keeps us on the ground. On the minus side, if we fall or trip, the ground is always going to be our final, potentially painful, destination – unless something equally hard and painful stops us first. Always respect Gravity. Gravity always wins. Some might say that gravity sucks.

g.People are allowed to sell you goods and services that are bad for you (yes, it is odd that they’re called ‘goods’) and you are allowed to buy them. Other people may try to sell you other things that REALLY aren’t good for you and they will continue to do that until a nice Policeman stops them. Either way, it’s your choice.

h.You shouldn’t really hurt other people, or yourself. The more people who stick to this rule, the better it will be for all of us.

i.In this Country we drive & cycle on the left. No. Your other left.

j.Speed Limits are just that –limits, not targets.

k.In general, roads are for cars and pavements are for pedestrians. This rule also applies to white vans and 4x4s.

l.Sometimes, cyclists are allowed to use the pavement, on the other side of a big white line. Only walk on the other side of that line. (No – the other side)

m.If you look out from the window of your house and you can see more than one other house, you don’t really need a 4×4.

n.If you’re driving or cycling, watch out for other drivers and for people walking. The people walking have right of way. Really try to abide by Rule h. here.

o.If you’re walking, look out for all the things & people that are bigger, heavier and going faster than you are.

p.Your capacity to abide by other rules will be greatly reduced if you are inebriated (remember rule g.) or are distracted by gadgets like mobile phones, personal stereos, Sat-Navs or implanted sub-dermal /retinal scanning information and entertainment systems. Remember Rule h, and also remember that the nice Policeman sometimes has to sometimes stop being nice.

q.If you get lost really easily, avoid places like Milton Keynes and Cumbernauld.

r.Fire burns. So does electricity. Both can kill you very quickly. Treat these things with great respect.

s.If a sign says something like “wet paint”, “danger” or “keep out” then we’ve every confidence you can figure the rest out for yourself.

t.The built environment, our machines, comforts and conveniences were all built by people for people. They all have to be properly looked after. If that’s your job, please ensure this is done. We can all play a part by not breaking any of it, and by letting other people know when something is broken.

u.Don’t use things that are broken or damaged. Don’t use anything that you have no idea or can’t remember how to use properly.

v.Look before you leap. Even better, don’t leap. Remember what we told you about Gravity.

w.Count to 10 before you answer a difficult question, or before you press “send”. If it’s a really tricky one, count some more.

x.If you have a job, you should do what your boss tells you to do, unless this would break any of the above rules.

y.Teach your children well. Your children are your responsibility – look after them.

z.Yes, we know it was sad when Bambi’s Mother died. Remember, despite everyone’s best efforts, life isn’t always fair.

Can’t argue with any of that (except perhaps (m)! )

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