I Shoulda Known Better…

…than to get all smug about how easy it was to sort out my train ticket.

As I hinted here, I’d been having trouble with my Oyster card. An Oyster, for those of you not familiar with the machinations of the Nation’s Capital, is a pre-paid swipe card for travelling on busses and the underground. Mine had been unreliable for a while, and had reached the point that it would only work on the bus number 521 – only useful if I only wanted to bus halfway to the office and walk the rest.

So I went in to the local ticket office and explained the problem. Mungo took my card and swiped it through his problem-ticket scanner.
“That’s working OK”.

I explained again that it was an intermittent fault, at which he sighed, rolled his eyes and gave me a form to fill in. This involved things like my name and address and date of birth, but surprisingly nothing about what was wrong with my Oyster card: eventually it was complete and I rejoined the queue to hand the document back to Mungo: sadly he wasn’t available so I handed it to Mungo’s Mate.
“This card’s working OK”.

I explained all over again, and agreed that I’d have to pay the deposit on the new card – I only realised afterwards that I hadn’t got back the deposit on the card I’d handed in. There was a great deal of tutting and muttering, it seems like the process of transferring credit from the old card to the new is still done by abacus.

It was done in the end, so I suppose I shouldn’t grumble too much. Just got to see now if it works.

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