Honest Toil

Today, dear reader, I did something I haven’t done for ages…I skived church this morning. I often miss church because I’ve got something else going on, but the last time I missed a morning service simply because I couldn’t be a**ed to get up was the morning after the Farley Mount Geocache Bash last year.

Not that I wasted the time…I got up and read last night’s blogs from people, then just when I judged that I’d let the fuse burn short enough I revealed that I hadn’t forgotten Mother’s Day after all, producing card and presents just in time. The rest of the morning, and most of the afternoon, was spent stripping the gadgets out of the old car, ready for trade-in day. Now I’ve got the following goodies piled up on the workbench…

  • A GPS, with associated wiring and aerials
  • My ham radio set, with remote mount front panel and cabling, hands-free mike kit etc.
  • CD/radio (I’ve put the original Nissan radio back in…and yes, it works!)
  • Mobile phone hands free kit
  • Three sets of aerial cable and two aerial mounting brackets
  • A broken warning triangle (well, it might be fixable).

This, of course, means that until I get this lot into the new car, I can’t use the workbench for actually working. Oh well.

And in case you’re wondering, I didn’t take my Mum out for lunch because she prefers to go out when it isn’t Mothers’ Day, and the pubs have fewer little kids in them…

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