Check Out

According to this news story, a number of children’s authors, who go into schools as part of various literacy programmes, are being asked to submit to Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks. They’re not happy and many have said they’ll just stop visiting schools.

Unless you’re totally new to these hallowed thoughts, it won’t be news to you that I’m not a fan of CRB checking: it’s a pain in the bum to the innocent, no barrier to most of the guilty until it’s too late, and lulls many parents and carers into a false sense of security. But until someone comes up with something better, and there’s the political will to resource it and enforce it, it’s the best we have and probably better than doing nothing.

The real question here – given the number of people who already have to CRB, from teachers to taxi drivers, not to mention the voluntary sector – is, why weren’t they being checked already?

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