It Was No Picnic…Oh Hang On, Yes It Was

Tonight I am very tired. Tired enough to fall asleep right n…zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Eh? Wassup? Oh yeah, blogging. Well y’see, on Saturday, as I’ve already intimated, the play that m’darling Purple Fred was in had its last night. So Saturday was spent in Last-Night-Party preparation tasks, including buying presents (related to things that happened in the play) for the director: A lovely selection including a Dinky Toys Bedford van and a plastic turd.

Seven hours after we got back from the last night party (including presentation of the above pressies), we were sorting out for the Big Picnic we’d organised (well, PF had organised and I’d made suggestions for) in aid of Macmillan Cancer Care. We hadn’t given ourselves enough time and the weather forecast had a lot in common with the plastic turd.

And then we went to the picnic, the weather turned out to be lovely, everyone who came had a lovely time, and the games all went down really well :-) . Thanks to everyone who came, and well done to PF who did most of the work!

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