New World

I had a glimpse into a new world at the weekend.

M’lovely Purple Fred is a lady of some note in the local Amateur Dramatic community, and their latest offering is about to hit the stage: Tonight as I write this she’s on her way home from the dress rehearsal, and yesterday afternoon – while I was Giving It Some Large in the gym – the whole company were involved in the “Get In and Technical”, which seems to be basically actors trying to rehearse, while all around them men with hi-viz jackets and hard hats swing from the ceiling and drop heavy lights on each other.

For the second half – by when I’d gymmed enough – I sat in the auditorium, probably in a much better seat than I’ll have when I go to see it for real. It’s fascinating, and I can see why PF and her chums find the whole experience so addictive.

Which is lucky, really…apparently in next year’s production, there’s a role (a non-acting role) with my name on it. Don’t tell PF, but I’m quietly rather chuffed :-)

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