Well, yesterday’s post got a bit of a response, didn’t it?

Let me make clear – in case I didn’t – it ISN’T that I don’t want to help, and it isn’t that I wouldn’t happily help every pushchair lady in London on and off the bus. Maybe I’m overestimating the liklihood of my motives being misunderstood; maybe I need to be a bit more brave in offering.
I especially liked Prickly Peter’s comment: “pedo paranoia is rife, but is being totally paranoid about pedo paranoia isn’t the answer”

The thing is, if I was the kind of person who’s happy to look the other way and do nothing, I wouldn’t get up at stupid o’clock on Sunday mornings to drive the church minibus, and I wouldn’t give up twelve days annual leave to go and volunteer at New Wine. The important difference is that in church I’m known, and my motivations aren’t questioned: At New Wine I wear a badge that identifies me as a team member, and anyone who cares knows that that means I’m CRB checked, my vicar has given references, and I’m accountable for my actions to a known team leader. On a bus in London, I’m just another face in the crowd.

My friends, people I trust, have told me to think again, and I will. I don’t guarantee a 180 degree transformation in my approach, but I will think again.

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