No Help

There was an interesting discussion in the lunch room the other day.

Two of the H.R. ladies were discussing something that had annoyed one of them that morning. Apparently, she’d seen this lady trying to get on the bus, struggling with a pushchair and baby: Meanwhile, half a dozen male commuters just stood and watched. Why didn’t one of them help?

I was able to contribute, because I’d recently had a similar discussion with m’lovely Purple Fred. Even after that discussion, I can’t think of any way that if I was on my own, I’d try to help a lady with a pushchair: The chances of a smack round the ear for being a suspected baby-snatcher are just too high. Worse still, the world – or at least, our bit of it – still seems to believe in “Guilty until proven innocent” where accusations of being “Peedo Skum” are concerned. Even an unfounded accusation could cost me the security clearance I need for my work, and the Enhanced CRB I need for the hobbies I enjoy.

If I had PF with me, I’d get her to ask the struggling pushchair lady “Would you like my partner to help with that?”. But on my own I wouldn’t even ask.

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