Smiling Through the Pain

I’d planned to go geocaching twice today.

My boss and I were called to a meeting near Slough today: The original plan was that Health and Safety people plus bosses would attend a huge meeting in the morning, then in the afternoon there would be another meeting just for the bosses: This, of course, would leave Health and Safety people free to, for example, go geocaching. I’d even chosen the cache I was going to do. Then the H&S bit of the meeting had to be postponed, and my boss went on his own.

This evening I had a meeting down a hole in the ground in Winchester. It wouldn’t have been worth going home first, so first of all, I called in at the final stage of Little Toe’s Trilogy Part Two. I’d already done this one, but I had a travel bug which needed to be dropped in a cache whose name begins with “L???, and this was the only reasonable possibility.

After that I moved on to the fairly recently-planted Harry’s Creepy Crawley, which was a really nice walk and a fairly easy find. Then I went to the meeting, which went more quickly than I expected, then I came home.

And for the record, my back still hurts, my wrist is sore and I think I’ve got a cold coming on.

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