Stress (But it’s OK in the End)

I still find towing the caravan a bit stressful.

Those of you who’ve known me for a while will know that years ago, I was a passenger in a car that was towing a caravan, and was involved in a pretty serious accident: Then a few years back I was towing my own mini-caravan when one of the tyres blew out. That incident should’ve reassured me that I’m quite capable of safely resolving a potentially very serious incident (tyre blowouts are one of the two main causes of caravan-towing accidents), but it’s just left me with a tyre-safety obsession.

In light of this, consider last Friday: I already knew that the caravan tyres were well under pressure, and I knew that my footpump was broken, so – having taken the day off work so I could spend the morning on stress-free caravan preparation, I took my brand-new electric compressor and digital tyre pressure gauge and headed to the other side of town to where the caravan lives.

The brand new compressor didn’t work. It’s broken. Useless. It doesn’t compress.

So I did what preparation tasks I could, went to M&S to collect my new trousers and to Sainsbos for food shopping for the weekend, and home for lunch, before returning with my Dad’s electric compressor which I’d found in the back of the shed. Before using it, I thought I’d better just check the starting pressure. I’m already running late to pick up Purple Fred and MiniFred, but this won’t take long…

The digital tyre pressure gauge broke. So I now have a working compressor but no way of knowing when the pressure’s right.

So I went and collected the Freds and had a good cry on Purple Fred’s shoulder – and she, of course, provided the voice of reason and suggested that we tow the caravan the short distance to Tesco’s garage and use their airline. She even went into Tesco while we were there and bought me a pac-a-mac, me in my stressed state having left my coat at home.

So we drove to Dorset without incident, had a super weekend that featured fossil hunting at Kimmeridge, a couple of caches, being silly in a playpark and rather too much eating, and drove home without incident.

I’m determined to get over this towing stress thing: The lovely PF says all I need is to keep towing and give it time, and of course she’s right: I predict lots of fabby caravan weekends to come :-)

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