More Martin

As expected, a number of comments from my blog about the Tony Martin book: Admittedly three of those were the same comment repeated (Tchoh! Wimmin! Or rather, one particular woman…), and two others were (friendly) abuse, but there’s still been some comment.

To JG: Yes, the shotgun Tony Martin used was illegally held: He’d lost his shotgun licence following an incident where he shot at the wing of a car (the wing, please note), being driven by someone who was trying to run over his dog.

To LordH: I hope my response to your comment didn’t offend, I didn’t mean you personally were a fool! But to announce your presence to an unknown number of assailants, who may or may not be armed themselves, would be unwise.

Part of the “evidence” against Tony Martin was that he’d made comments to several people along the lines that all thieving gypsies (he used a different word) should be rounded up and shot (the teenager who died was from a gypsy family). But who hasn’t said things like that? One member of the blogring consistently makes references to what he’d like to do to thieving scrotes with his big gun; another two repeatedly expressed wishes involving their bosses and big knives: Just two weeks ago I made a comment about an incompetent, but otherwise inoffensive, BBC sound engineer and a Big Gun, and I’ve often opined that the only way to stop the constant vandalism that our Hospital Radio studios are suffering is with a machine gun.

In fact, if I was to make a list of the number of people about whom I’ve said, in the heat of a moment “Grr, I’ll kill him”, I’d be here all night writing. Sadly, some day, some Socialist-Worker reading lawyer will probably use that statement as evidence against me.

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