Rhyme and Reason

If you dig around on the SimonG website, you’ll find this atheist Christmas carol wot he wrote. There look, no need to dig – I’ve given you a link. Take the time to read his other poetry while you’re there, it’s good stuff.

You might think that as a Christian I’d find this offensive: Personally I’d like to stab with a big knife anyone who spells “anthropomorphize??? with a “z???* – but then, anyone clever enough to write a poem including “anthropomorphise**??? has a talent that needs to be encouraged. As for the sentiments expressed, well as Voltaire said, I disagree with what he says but I’ll defend his right to say it***.

At this very moment, there are countries in the world where to be a Christian means death or enslavement****. There are countries where being in possession of a Bible leads to imprisonment. Even in what we laughingly call the “civilised??? part of the world, France has banned all religious symbolism in schools; in America public servants are banned from saying “Happy Christmas??? in case they offend non-Christians, and here in the UK at least one Hospital Radio station has had to withdraw its religious music programme following complaints that it represented only one faith in a multi-faith society.

Christianity is popularly reviled as being either a weak, ineffective faith with no real firm beliefs, or a dogmatic right-wing attempt at theocracy with no relevance in the modern world. I may blog about both of those in the future, but to return to my original theme of this piece: SimonG has every right to choose his faith (and Atheism is a faith), and for Christians to try to deny him the right to express that faith would make us no better than those who would execute us for owning Bibles and going to Communion.

*Unless they’re American of course.
**Come to think of it, spelling it with an “s??? doesn’t look right either
***Note I missed a bit out of the original Voltaire quote. I won’t defend it that much
****If you just thought “that sort of thing doesn’t happen these days???, read A Voice for the Voiceless by Andrew Boyd.

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