I’ve blogged before about my amazing talent for losing things: Recently, though, I seem to have taken it to a whole new level.

I haven’t seen my camera since we got back from Lanzasnotty: less of a disaster than it might’ve been, as I’d taken the precaution of backing everything up to a spare card, which made it home safely, so it’s only the camera itself that’s gone. And I was planning to change it soon anyway: the lens mechanism is making a very funny grinding noise, and the LCD screen is starting to die.

Then on Saturday I was in Portsmouth with Purple Fred: I didn’t lose PF (well I did, but only for a few minutes), but before leaving we’d put her camera battery on charge in the in-car charger: when we arrived PF went to check where we needed to be while I paid for parking and got what we needed out of the car. I took the camera battery out of the charger and slipped it in my jeans pocket – and haven’t seen it since :-(

And because these things always go in threes, when I got up Sunday morning I couldn’t find my blood pressure pills: I know I transferred a few into my “keeping pills at PF’s house” pot – when I couldn’t find the pot, I assumed I’d left it at home. But it wasn’t at home either.

It doesn’t really make it any better that I found my camera this morning, since I found it somewhere I’d already looked twice. I think maybe I need to go and lay down in a darkened room.

*Disappears into the distance whistling “I’m Going Slightly Mad”*

UPDATE – see PF’s comments below. The pills were somewhere I’d already looked as well :-(

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