A lot of our time on Lanzasnotty was taken up with doing the tourist thing. It’s a volcanic island, and a large chunk of the coastline was formed when molten lava was brought to a sudden stop by meeting the sea, and between towns you tend to be either surrounded by desert, mountains or vineyards, the only greenery anywhere is artificially supported apart from a few brave lichen that are establishing footholds here and there.

Considering that the island is Spanish, the main architectural influences are African – although with the coast of Africa only 80km away that isn’t surprising. Most buildings are square, white painted blocks whose beauty s in their simplicity.

Anyway, touristy things we did included:

  • Riding camels – fun to experience, but I won’t be trading Grunty in for one in spite of their superior off-road ability!
  • Visiting Fire Mountain, a volcano in the national park where guides set fire to brushwood, generate impressive steam geysers and cook food, all using natural volcanic heat
  • Wine tasting the local product
  • Riding on a submarine – hugely expensive, but an experience well worth the cost if you like marine life
  • Visiting caves and viewpoints showing off the amazing beauty of the island.
  • Visiting the Cesar Manrique museum – Manrique was the island’s most famous artist and a one-man National Trust for Lanzarote, he designed most of the island’s big public buildings and influenced many more
  • Sitting on the beach and burying PF in the sand, an activity which produced PF’s favourite quote of the week, when I told MiniFred “Don’t pour water on Mummy…pour the water on the sand then put the sludgy sand on Mummy”. It’s lucky she loves me.
  • Riding on a jetski – mmm, vroom vroom!
  • and amazingly, a little bit of…

  • Geocaching – about which, more when I’ve finished logging them all!

Lanzarote is a lovely place to do the tourist thing, and there was plenty we didn’t get around to doing. It’s a place where you can knock yourself out visiting places of naural beauty and culture, or if you prefer just laze by the pool or on the beach. A good choice of holiday destination made by m’darling Purple Fred!

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