LanzaSnotty Hotel

So, that hotel, eh?

We stayed at the Papagaya Arena in Playa Blanca, on the southern tip of the island. The hotel’s had a bit of a hammering from people on, but we couldn’t really see any problems. First and foremost, there was a resident population of about eleven cats, who were generally quite happy to be fussed, so they were on to a good thing from the start!

The inclusive food was good and varied (although the lovely PF was a bit unimpressed with the vegetarian selection), and each mealtime had a selection of Canarian or “English” dishes to choose from. There was only about an hour in every twenty four when food and drink weren’t available at one or other of the hotel’s eateries, and we never saw any of the “all you can eat” buffets run short of food (in spite of the best efforts of Purple “Three Puddings” Fred!).

The main criticisms of the TripAdvisor correspondents have related to the staff and the swimming pools: While the staff didn’t seem to go out of their way to be friendly, they were kept pretty busy, and they were always professional enough – and on the one occasion we had a problem (which we’d caused), they were on scene to help us out in pretty quick order: Even then they weren’t particularly cheerful, but they were efficient, and at the time that was all we wanted.

There were five pools, although we only tried one of them: TripAdvisor people complained that they were unheated, which is true – but it’s also made clear in the brochure, so what do they expect? On the occasions we played in and around the water it was tidy and clean, and the layout of the building protected the pools from the worst of the northerly trade winds. All the same, the sea at Playa Dorado just up the road (once we found it!) was warmer!

Our room was well presented, with a nice balcony, a good view towards Fuerteventura, and comfortable – at least, it was once we had the genius idea of turning the air conditioning on at night to cool things down! Having to pay a daily rental to use the in-room safe seemed a bit odd, but for all I know that could be normal for Spain.

So in summary – good things were:

  • Cats!
  • Quality and availability of food and drink
  • Cleanliness of the room and public areas, including the pools
  • The room in general, with balcony and good views
  • Efficiency and professionalism of staff

Things they could’ve done better were:

  • Vegetarian selection
  • Facilities for small people – PF wouldn’t let MiniFred use the kids’ club because she didn’t like the standard and attitude of the staff1
  • Temperature of the pools
  • Persuading the public-facing staff that a smile costs nothing

Overall, the good far outweighed the bad, and we’d happily stay there again :-)

1 Not saying I disagreed with her – I didn’t – just that it wasn’t my decision!

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