Lanzarote Caches

So I’ve now logged all those Lanzarote caches – the delay was getting owner’s permission to log one of the earthcaches, and he was on holiday so it took a while. Anyway, all is now done.

There’re about 35 caches on Lanzarote, we missed quite a few out because of

  1. Daftness (we walked past a couple because I hadn’t got my act together and plotted them on the map properly)
  2. Time – it wasn’t a caching holiday and we had other things we wanted to do
  3. Risk – some of the locations weren’t suitable for people who weren’t experienced and well-equipped climbers

So the ones we did were:
Cueva de los Verdes, an earthcache in some caves formed when volcanic lava forced its way to the surface – very dramatic.

La Bomba, a micro at a volcanic bomb – a rock formed when a lump of molten lava ejected at high speed from a volcano twists and turns in the air, and sets in an ovoid shape before hitting the ground.

Los Hervideros – Lanzarote – Islas Canarias earthcache, an earthcache on the dramatic west coast of the island…

Los Hervideros…and a micro not far away.

El Golfo Earthcache, yet another earthcache at a sea-eroded volcano cone. We got a bit confused finding this one because there’s a village of the same name, not far away…

Olivine Treasure, a traditional cache at the end of one of Lanzarote’s dirt track roads.

White Horses of the Sea on Lanzarote, another one at the end of a dirt track – this was the one where I cracked the sump on the hire car.


Tuff but not tough….easy, an earthcache within a five minute walk from the hotel.

There will be photos soon, honest…

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