Given that I’ve got so much to say about Lanzarote, I thought I’d break it into manageable chunks, rather than subjecting you to the whole lot in one hit.

It’s the first package holiday I’ve done, so there were plenty of new experiences. Our experience of the travel operator – Thomas Cook – was better than some blog chums have had, although I don’t think I’d choose to use their recommended car hire partner in future: there was no sign that they “try harder”. Our plane was delayed by landing on the wrong island at the first try, so by the time we got to Arrecife the hire desk was closed: in the end it was Wednesday morning before we got the car we’d booked from Sunday night.

Lanzarote roads are a bit interesting: Playa Blanca, where we stayed, has a lovely layout of roads in excellent condition – even where there are no buildings, or even building work. It’s a bit bizarre to be driving on brand-new blacktop with virgin ground either side, and come across a car park, complete with pristine white paint marking the bays, and serving absolutely nothing. In other places the roads are the same virgin ground, with a line of rocks to show where you’re meant to drive: huge fun in a Gruntmobile, not so good in a hired Volkswagen Polo with standard suspension and tyres. Oh, and I think I might have cracked the sump on a rock on the penultimate day, but I won’t tell Avis if you don’t.

Tomorrow: the hotel!

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