Busy busy busy

Before I start on today, I should mention that after work yesterday, I did the geocache Riverside Ramble. This is a two stage multicache, where the published location gives you a container with the location of the real cache in it. A lovely walk around a part of Hampshire I’d never seen before, through woods and alongside the upper reaches of the river Itchen, much prettier than those bits of the river we see in Southampton!

Rather than go straight back to the car, I made a circular walk of about 2½ miles, which meant I saw this pretty country church as well. Once I got back to the car I went and did The Claimant, one which I meant to do a few weeks ago but didn’t feel well enough. Another nice walk with an easy find at the end of it. Then I had a pub meal, and went to radio club where my mate Brian was giving a talk.

Today I had my hair cut and did some shopping: Then I visited the latest incarnation of PuzzleDonkey and solved a few puzzles in the company of my buddy Mort: I upgraded my internet connection to Broadband (pending the line being sorted etc), and did most (I hope) of the work involved in moving my blog to another site: Watch this space, I’ll bung a link in when the move is complete. HUUUUUGGGEEE thanks to SimonG for talking me through the process with huge patience!

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