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I’ve started learning again :-)

I mentioned ages ago that I was thinking of studying again, and was considering some sort of environmental management qualification – these days, health and safety people are expected to have some environmental and quality management knowledge in their armoury. I used to be a quality manager so I could blag that if needed, but I’ve never done much environmental stuff.

The thing was, at the time I was thinking about it, there were only two occupational environmental qualifications available: A degree-level diploma, which taught you from scratch but was the equivalent amount of work to the health and safety diploma I’d just done, and was very expensive, or an open-book exam designed for experienced environmental people to prove what they knew.

But now, the examination board with whom I did the health and safety stuff have launched a certificate-level environmental qualification, which you can do by e-learning in about six months. Not only that, but if you signed up (with one training provider) before the end of May, you got a hundred quid discount!

So with the encouragement of m’dearest Purple Fred, I’ve enrolled on the course and signed up for the December exam. Progress reports to follow :-)

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