Holiday Blog 1

Well, I found the on-site internet cafe, but at a quid for fifteen minutes you’re not getting much…

So far so good…weather is nice, and I’ve been geocaching twice…OK, it was two fail-to-finds, but at least I got some exercise. Actually, one of the ftfs was a “failed to find anywhere in Glastonbury to park”, which doesn’t really count.

In reply to various comments received: MarcB, I haven’t got a white van, but I’ve got a white 4×4. Did you see me somewhere?

Mark the Buddhist: Received your letter just before I left, I’m getting through it. The tracker isn’t working at the moment, I’ll explain in a letter.

I was going to blog about cereal Variety Packs today, but I can remember the whole story except the punchline. Maybe another time.

Bysey-bye for now.

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