Purple Fred and I won the Euromillions lottery last Friday!

Actually that statement is 100% of non-fact, and today’s blog is much more about me displaying daft tendencies than planning how to spend ten million Euros. I’m in a Euromillions syndicate at work, and there’s quite a few of us in it so we get loads of lines. Last Friday was some sort of mega-rollover, so I bought PF and me a line each.

Half past eleven on a Friday is way past my bedtime and we had an early start on Saturday, so it was Saturday evening before I tried to check the numbers. Then I was thwarted, firstly by being unable to find the TV remote so I couldn’t use Teletext, and then by PF’s internet connection being a little slower than my patience.

So we come to Sunday evening, and I’ve got the Euromillions website: I don’t know what you win for three main board numbers but I’m going to find out because that’s what we’ve got. Wahey!

Oh. Except for the fact that the “8” on the website isn’t one of the numbers drawn, it’s the date of the draw. Oh well, back to work tomorrow :-(

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