There’s still one story from last weekend I’ve not regaled you with…

We’d done the two caches we intended to, and were on our way back to the caravan site when we spotted a hand-lettered sign advertising “BLUEBELLS”.

“Wanna go and look at some bluebells?”, I asked, knowing that PF especially likes bluebells.
“Sure, why not”, she yawned enthusiastically.

After a mere several hours down tiny country lanes, we reached a Forestry Commission enclosure which they’d opened to vehicles for the weekend, in exchange for a donation to the Lions Club: Instead of having to stop at the car park, you could drive anywhere you could get your car to, and enjoy the bluebells.

We stopped at the car park and had drinks from the Lions Club stall, and I browsed the map, only thinking of finding a more interesting route back to the caravan than using the main road.

“Hang on…there’s a geocache in these woods…” I started
“…and it looks like we can drive right up to it!”.

And that’s how, thanks to the Lions Club, we did West Woods as a drive by!

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