Mayday Mayday!

Well I hope your Bank Holiday weekend was as good as mine :-)

The lovely PF and I joined the millions of other caravan-draggers on the country’s highways, although luckily for us we were going against the flow of traffic in heading away from the New Forest and south coast. We don’t dislike the New Forest – we’ve just decided it would be a bit daft to take the caravan somewhere within half an hour of home!

Anyhoo, we found a site where we could pitch among woodland scenery…

…and those of us who were up early enough could watch the baby rabbits playing. At least, that’s what PF told me.

We visited touristy things, we saw bluebells, we had pub lunches, we even found five geocaches on Sunday afternoon. PF doesn’t have much caravanning experience but she’s putting a brave face on things and getting on with it – guess that’s just one of the reasons why I love her so much :-) . In summary, a lovely bank holiday weekend.

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