A Little Bit of Soap

I’m not a major consumer in the “gentlemen’s grooming products” market.

For shampoo and shower gel, I normally use either what’s in the free dispensers at the gym, or if I’m at home, whatever free samples the gym have been giving away. If I do need to buy anything it’s whatever’s on offer in Tesco, or better still, Superdrug, and I haven’t used either mouthwash or aftershave since one horrible morning when I splashed on one and gargled with the other rather than vice-versa.

But when I come down to New Wine, the showers and washing facilities are so awful that I always treat myself to something a bit special, some nice shower gel and decent shampoo. I’m a great fan of Timotei’s Orange flavour shampoo, but I couldn’t find that this year so I bought some Tea Tree and Mint instead.

First evening here, and after a sweaty day of caravan rigging and medical centre cleaning, I was looking forward to a shower. I hadn’t reckoned with the effects of mint flavoured shampoo on an almost bald, sunburned head.

Let’s just say…don’t do it.

By the way, I’m keeping a holiday diary on the PDA so if you’re lucky, the day I get home I’ll upload it all in one lump, to keep you busy for a while…

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