A new series of “The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin” started on the BBC last night.

It was always going to be up against it – the traditional Reggie Perrin humour would be hard to translate to current PC times, when workplaces and home life in general are so different. And after reading an interview with Martin Clunes, who plays Reggie, this week, I was well set up to not like it. I even saw a review in the week that said “They shouldn’t have remade it, just repeated the original”.

I was better than pleasantly surprised: this ranks with QI as up there in the best new programming the BBC has produced in recent times. They’ve kept the jokes that still work, updated others and been ruthless in weeding out the ones that wouldn’t work in the 21st century. There are subtle nods to the original and some great new humour: Reggie’s experience with his office PC is exactly in tune with the original Reggie.

Well done BBC: Lets hope the standard is maintained!

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