You might have seen the news about Southampton Football Club, arch-rivals of my own team.

Southampton have gone into administration, and as a result have been fined ten points by the league: if they survive relegation this season then the penalty applies, which guarantees that they do go down. If they get relegated on their own efforts – which seems likely – then the penalty applies next season, so they start next season in Division One with minus ten points.

You might think that as a Pompey fan I’d have an opinion on that, but you could be surprised. If they’d lost ten points as a result of their performance on the pitch, that’d be one thing – I’d have a quiet chuckle and it’d all be part of the rough and tumble of following a footie team. But I can’t believe any fan of football likes to see any club in a bad situation because of poor management, and Southampton’s this season has been dreadful. A chairman who’s only there to make money, and knows and cares nothing for football, and two coaches with no knowledge or experience of English top-level football. The players haven’t helped, getting more column-inches in the local paper for drunken thuggery than for football prowess, but the rot has started at the top and worked down. And that’s not just bad for the club, it’s bad for football as a whole.

Good luck Saints – you’re going to need it.

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