Many of you will know that Gottle HQ gets a bit behind the times on domestic technology.

I only bought a DVD player a couple of years back, and even then it was only because there was a film I wanted to see and Jenny offered to buy me the DVD for Christmas! I’ve never had a satellite dish or cable TV, and until recently I’d never seen digital TV. Or Channel 5 for that matter, which isn’t available terrestrially in our bit of Southampton.

Then Her Purple Ladyship of Fred introduced me to the delights of the Dave channel – the Home of Witty Banter – and I had a bit of a re-think. The idea of a whole evening of Red Dwarf, or non-stop QI was rather appealing, so I started to research options.

On Saturday we went to a caravan equipment show at Broadlands: overall it was a bit disappointing and not really worth the six-quid-a-head to get in, but we did find a stall selling small tellies – analogue, digital, digital radio and VGA monitor – for a pretty good price, and they were 12 volt or mains powered. They even seem to be usable as a digibox to be connected to a conventional analogue TV, although I haven’t tried that yet.

So now I have Dave. It looks like there’s 48 other channels as well, but who cares?

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