I renewed my annual train season ticket last week.

I wasn’t going to mention it – whacking over four and a half grand on a credit card is something I’d rather forget than blog about – but it’s turned into a bit of a drama. I originally tried to pay for the ticket on my Mungo’s credit card (I get a good rewards deal with every pound spent), but knowing that it would take the card slightly over the limit I wasn’t surprised when it was declined, and paid with a different card instead. I used a charity card where Cats Protection gets a commission with every purchase, so that’s OK.

Then my Mungo’s card was refused when I tried to buy fuel with it yesterday, and again this morning with an online purchase. I rang the Mungo helpline.

To cut a long story short, it looks like when I tried to buy my train ticket, even though it took the card just over the limit, because I’m a regular trusted customer they let it go. But then, for some reason, South West Trains tried to put the purchase through again, and that one was refused, quite reasonably. But SWT, thinking the payment hadn’t gone through, took the money again from my other card.

So at the moment I have two £4600 purchases on two different cards, for one ticket, and I’ll be on the phone to the train company early tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it pans out.

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