New Experiences

I had a couple of new experiences today.

The first – and least pleasant – involved a visit to the hospital, where I had to have various bits and pieces prodded and poked by a doctor – at least, I hope he was a doctor. It would be even worse if he was just a passing porter who fancied a bit of prodding for a laugh. Anyway, the poking and prodding was done and although there’s a bit more to follow, all seems well so far :-)

Anyone see Billy Conolly’s stand up routine on telly last night? Just a little clue there.

Oh, and on the way to the hospital, I had a few spare moments to divert to a cache!
Lord’s Dale Greenway – More Trees
I must do the rest of that series soon.

At this point I could have jumped on the train and headed off to work, but the lady Purple Fred had a better idea, so we spent a happy hour or so browsing around Southampton’s new Ikea store. By which I mean, she enjoyed the browsing, and I enjoyed the bit on the way back to the car where she bought me a hot dog!

The bad news is, it just whetted her appetite for Swedish flat-pack, and we have to return. AND my Mum wants to go too! Still, next time I’ve been promised one of their magnificent breakfasts, so I guess I’ll survive :-)

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