Happy Easter

…which may seem like it qualifies for the “One Day Late Blog Title” award…but in the church calendar Easter continues until Ascension Day in 39 days time, so it still counts! And anyway, today’s post is about what a nice Easter I had, so it’s an appropriate name.

On Good Friday I went to church, the usual Good Friday service where our church and the Baptist church join up to d a service together – first we have an indoor service at their church (ours isn’t big enough for the joined congregations), then we join with all the other churches in Totton for an outdor service in the shopping centre.

Then the rest of the weekend was spent with Purple Fred’s family, eating too much, relaxing and geocaching (PF’s dad is an enthusiastic cacher too!). And we went to the Easter Sunday service at a lovely little church which we picked almost at random, but turned out to be absolutely right for us.

Those caches? On the way home from church on Friday I did
Sidetracked: Redbridge and
A Different View of Life

Then over the weekend we did
Nev’s Cache: Mr Angry Pants
Beach Gator’s Inland Fishponds Cache
Darker Deeds at St Mary’s and
SwapShop Set – Music CDs

Oh, and to His Lordship of Hutton, who asked for the code for the cache map on Friday…you can find everything you need at It’s Not About The Numbers

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