No, this isn’t the long-promised review of the TomTom I bought at New Year – although I think I’ve now been using it long enough to give a fair opinion. But this is something altogether odder.

I had a credit card bill today (no Marie, nothing from the hotel yet). As usual, tucked inside were fliers for all sorts of crazy things that I may or may not want, one of which is a Bose Wave Hi-Fi system. Now we all know that Bose make the best hi-fi going, and I do indeed aspire to own one – although not until I’m retired and I have time to sit at home and enjoy it to its fullest extent. But one of the key attractions is its simplicity, and the lack of unneccessary flashing lights, what we techies call the bells and whistles. It’s a good hi-fi, and doesn’t try to be anything else.

Which makes it all the more surprising that they’re advertising this as “Now available with a free satellite navigation system”.

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