Nothing to do with Bananananananas

So, why did I call t’other day’s entry “Fyffe Dace”?

Well, let me refer you back to last Tuesday, when I teased you about the sepcial feature arriving on Friday and called it “Tree Dace”. That phonetic mispronunciation of “Three Days” was a tribute to a character called 71-hour-Ahmed, who appears in Terry Pratchett’s tale of derring-do and silliness, “Jingo”.

So when I wanted to tell you about the five days when I hadn’t been blogging – at least, not in real time – I called it Fyffe Dace. Silly really, but that’s me :-)

In other news, the shoulder, neck and back thing turned out not to be rucksack-weight-related – I kinda wish it had been. It was actually a symptom of a posture problem exacerbated (my word for the day) by two hours of laptop use on the train from Manchester to London on Monday afternoon :-(

Which for an ergonomist is even more embarrassing.

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