Meat is Murder

Don’t worry, I’ve not gone all pinko-liberal on you (no offence to any genuine vegetarians out there, it was only a joke). I heard someone the other day describe themselves as “almost completely a vegetarian” How the wombat does that work? I reckon that, excluding preparation time etc, I spend about 45 minutes a day eating. That means that for 97% of my time, I’m not eating, and 97% should be enough “almost completely” for anyone. That means that I’m not only almost completely vegetarian (in spite of eating meat three times a day), I infact almost never eat. Quite how I stay at 18 stone is beyond me.

And in other news, I did 5 geocaches today, but I’ll have to wait and log them when I get home, as the Internet cafe is so popular that on-line time is being rationed.

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