Dorset Photos

I promised pictures when I got organised…well, I’m not organised but here’s some pictures anyway :-)

Near the cache “Swyre Head”, placed by the excellent Gary and Jane.

Steam train on the Swanage Railway, near the cache “Corfe First School Geo 1″.

One of the ruins that Cromwell knocked abaht a bit…Corfe Castle.

Me with my 1100th cache, “Grange Arch”…another Gary and Jane placing, and well up to their usual standard.

And here’s Grange Arch itself – it was built as a folly, to look like a ruined castle from the owner’s house in the valley beyond.

Close to the location of the virtual cache “Tyneham Village” – owned by my very own blog reader Steve – this is Tyneham church.

Daffodils in Tyneham.

Seen from the cache “Churchill’s Challenge”, this is a view out to sea towards Old Harry Rocks.

And finally for this offering…if you’d like to know more about the “frozen village” of Tyneham, this link will be an excellent starting point.

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