Since I’m only going to have intermittent internet access over the weekend, I thought we’d do a little experiment in the form of a quiz. To take part you’ll need to send emails, so obviously you’ll need email access: to answer some of the questions you’ll probably have to do a bit of Googling.

Anyway, here’s the scam: I’ll set a question, you work out the answer, and send a blank email to (answer)@duellDOTorgDOTuk. If your answer is right, you’ll get a return email almost immediately with the next question. There are five questions in all: Next week I’ll post a league table of cleverclogses based on the time of arrival in my inbox of the right answer to question 5.

So, the first question: name the only mother-and-son act to have a number one hit in the UK chart. The answer is the last word of the act’s name, so if the act was the Bay City Rollers (which it isn’t), you’d send your email to rollers@duellDOTorgDOTuk.

Put your name as the subject of the email so I can keep track, and good luck!

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