Yes chums, another cracking weekend with m’dear Purple Fred, tootling around on the magnificently beautiful Isle of Purbeck. PF had found a superb B+B – more a series of one-room (plus en suite) apartments set around a common courtyard, with a separate dining hall. We discovered a pub within easy walking distance but sadly – and astonishingly, these days – the food didn’t live up to the views from the garden. Luckily by the evening we’d discovered the Castle Inn in Corfe Castle :-)

The weather was great on both days, but less hazy on Sunday allowing us to enjoy the views for which Purbeck is famous (and no, I don’t mean Studland Nudist Beach!). And as well as exciting views from up high, we enjoyed some peaceful time in the lovely village of Tyneham, frozen in the 1940s. The residents left when the area was taken over for military training in WW II, and contrary to promises made at the time, never allowed to return.

Needless to say there was some caching activity: on Saturday
Swyre Head and
Corfe First School Geo 1:
On Sunday
Grange Arch (my 1100th),
Tyneham Village and
Sandstorm’s Secret number 4: Churchill’s Challenge.

I think we’ll be going back to Purbeck. Pictures if/when I get organised.

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