Capital Caching

In a comment on Thursday’s blog, Hutters asked “Are there any caches in London you still haven’t done?”.

More than you might think LH…although in the last week (despite only working in London on three days) I’ve found

What the Dickens #2
Eyes Open
Thorium Lockbox
and attended
Another London Geocaching Meet

…and that’s in addition to four fail-to-finds (it was dark and there were a lot of people about), and re-visiting
West End Trail: Pigeon Square with a brand new cacher to make sure they found their first cache!

Walking along the South Bank towards Thorium Lockbox, I spotted this dinosaur complete with attendant film crew…

…and then took this picture of myself crossing the Millennium Bridge, with Tate Modern in the background. If you look really closely you can see some interesting scaffolding at the top of the chimney…

But back to the question…with so many people about, London caches often get muggled, so it’s not uncommon to find a cache, and within a couple of weeks it’s been muggled, archived, and a new one placed nearby. So unlike may areas, there’s a constantly refreshing supply of new caches to do :-)

And within two miles of the office, there are still forty two I haven’t found.

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