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Evening all

The title of today’s piece is intended to convey roadworks without the work.

Southampton has a grant every year from somewhere-or-other to maintain the roads of the city. To receive the grant, the work which the grant is paying for has to be started before the end of the financial year in which the grant is made.

No doubt in other cities who receive the grant, the work is scheduled over the year: There may even be some consideration given to causing minimal inconvenience to motorists, but dear old Southampon, the city that never sleeps*, does it differently.

Here, the work is saved until just before the end of the financial year, then loads of sets of roadworks are started, then abandoned. A week or so ago, a road near me was closed, and the road adjoining it restricted, and a traffic island half built. The road closure is still in place, causing chaos to local businesses, but progress is there none. This morning we discovered that the main northbound road out of the city is down to one lane, also because of started-and-abandoned roadworks. Needless to say there had been no warning, and Radio Soapbox didn’t think to mention it until the rush hour was mainly finished (see last Tuesday’s blog).

In other news, we had a visit at hospital radio tonight from a nice police lady, investigating the constant vandalism to members’ cars. I’d have liked to have spent more time in her company, but Geoffrey the resident bore cornered her and started droning on about some old codswallop, after which she couldn’t wait to get away. Then I had a phone call which rather upset me…but that’s someone else’s secret, not mine to blog about.

Then I went home…and now it’s BEDTIME!!!!!!!

Night night one and all…

*mainly because of the noise made by all the pi**ed university students rolling home from the late night bars

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