Even More Personal

Thanks to all those of you who commented on my question about personalised number plates. Stu in particular makes some interesting points, and as usual links to some amusing photos.

In response to Scotty, Rob and Purple Fred, if I could have G0TLG – my ham radio callsign – on a plate, I’d have done that years ago! Sadly a single digit zero isn’t allowed on a UK plate, so that’s not going to happen. I could have G7 LSH – a callsign which I also hold – but hardly anyone I now know will associate that call with me or remember when I used it regularly.

The one I sort-of mentioned to PF which she refers to is B19 – which, in the font used on UK number plates, looks like “Big” – followed by my initials. The jury is still out, and I may continue to peruse what’s available. A couple of years back I was considering “M8″ with my initials – I am teased by some people for overusing the term “mate”, so it seemed appropriate – but that’s no longer available.

It all reminds me of a couple of plates I saw a few years ago. At the running events I Raynet on, a car regularly appeared with “H11 RUN” with the spacing subtly altered to say “HI I RUN”. And I followed a car in Winchester Road proudly proclaiming “HI IM BI”.

I don’t think I’ll be going for anything like that.

(Just a thought – I wonder if “C4CHE” is available? Bet it isn’t)

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