Allergy Advice

For reasons that aren’t interesting enough to go into, I had dinner with a load of work colleagues last night. M’colleague Don (names have been changed to protect the embarrassed) has developed a neat trick for situations like that: because he thinks it isn’t the “done thing” to only like white bread these days, he tells the caterers he’s allergic to whole wheat, so he gets the white bread rolls without being made to feel a pleb.

As I’ve commented before, I choose to only eat white bread because I used to be a baker and I know what’s in wholemeal.

Anyway, Don was cackling happily at the success of his subterfuge, and how he’d been given a white roll without asking where I’d had to ask for one. He didn’t laugh quite so much when the dessert arrived, and while we all enjoyed our lemon curd tart (with pastry made with brown flour), he got a rather dodgy selection of “fresh” fruit.

Oh how we all laughed.

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