Wacky and Fun

In which Gottle is just a little bit grumpy…

Someone near me on the train this morning was telling their colleague about some meetings they’re planning. Apparently a lot of it is going to involve just writing on flipcharts, which is boring – so they’re going to make it “wacky and fun” by using odd-shaped Post-It notes and coloured card.

My first thought was “God preserve us from wacky and fun” – I actually like wacky and fun quite a lot, but I’ll do it with Purple Fred, or geocaching chums, or the hospital radio folks I’m seeing in a couple of weeks – people like that who I choose to be with, in other words.

On reflection I thought that anyone who thinks a business meeting can be transformed into wacky and fun, just by using Post-Its shaped like Postman Pat, needs to get out more. A lot more.

And then I thought that anyone who believes a business meeting needs to be wacky and fun before people will participate, either desperately needs some new colleagues – or needs to be punched on the nose for being a patronising prat.

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