About Chocolate. And Insanity.

According to this news story, Scottish GP Dr David Walker is proposing a tax on chocolate to help beat obesity.

Is he insane? Apart from annoying every woman in the country at just the time you really don’t want to upset them, it isn’t going to work anyway: in Walker’s own particular bailiwick – the home of the deep-fried Mars bar – chocolate would seem to be the smallest health problem. For the rest of us, putting the price up a bit won’t stop dedicated chocaholics from getting their normal ration.

For evidence, I invite you to think just how successful the constant increases in fuel prices have been in stopping the spread of private car use. The roads are still clogged solid. Alcohol tax doesn’t stop dedicated drinkers, and although with every price increase a few more people give up smoking, the successful quitters are the ones who WANT to quit – not those forced by economic necessity.

Anyone reckon Dr Walker must be single?

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