Long Gap

At eight o’clock yesterday morning I was sitting in the cold in a tiny provincial railway station with, among other people, a trainspotter on a day off work. I know that because he kept on ringing his friends and telling them “I’m on a day off work, so I’m trainspotting all day”. By the same technique I found out that he’d been there since four o’clock that morning.

And I found out that it was a tiny provincial railway station I was sitting in when he stood up and offered a young lady his seat, and she said “Thank you very much”: in London she’d have punched him for being a sexist pig and stayed standing to prove she was as good as any man.

Other key events since I last blogged include:

  1. Grunty passed her MOT with no work needed, and I found a cache:
    Last Man Standing II
  2. We visited a lighthouse and a museum, and found two caches:
    Spell of a Witch and
    See the Pumpkin
  3. I travelled north to see Jenny and Chris, and play with cats
  4. I worked at our Midlands office, and found a cache on the way home:
    Sidetracked: Beccapeppa at Lufbra

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